An interview with Study Group partner Global Education Technology

08 June 2021
Posted by Study Group

An interview with Global Education Technology, a Study Group partner

Study Group recently hosted an Agent Premier Club Awards event, to celebrate the outstanding contribution of our high achieving education consultant partners.

Post-event, we are launching a new blog Spotlight Series, to share Agent Premier Club winner’s insights about trends in international student recruitment more widely with the higher education sector.

Our first spotlight article features an interview from Agent Premier Club Award winner, Global Education Technology, a Study Group partner.

Q1: How do you feel about winning an Agent Premier Club award?

It is very exciting to win an Agent Premier Club Award, and a special thanks to Study Group for their ongoing support and assistance in the most challenging period we have faced to date. We would also like to thank everyone at Global Education Technology for their continuous effort to assist best practice in international student recruitment.

Q2: Could you share what the past year has been like in terms of international student recruitment - highlighting challenges and how you managed to turn things around?

The mobility of international students was hugely affected due to the pandemic and the whole higher education industry faced the same challenges due to COVID-19. At Global Education Technology, we have been focusing on exploring new international student recruitment opportunities in different regions to focus on diversity, as well as promoting blended and online learning options to help international students to access higher-education programmes.

Q3: What is your view on the future of education (e.g., move to blended, more TNE etc.)?

Blended and online education delivery has rapidly developed over the pandemic period. However, at the same time, many students are not completely satisfied with these digital modes of learning at home. With so many uncertainties ahead, we think that blended learning and more flexible study options (e.g., TNE) will need to be built into a longer-term higher education provision strategy – with the acknowledgement that students do still seek an on-campus, study-abroad experience.

Q4: What measures do you go to match a student with a Higher Education institute to ensure the student’s success?

Our highly trained counsellors have offered professional and comprehensive advice to students on school/program selection, as well as a matrix of subject preference, personal strength, and career planning to ensure the student’s every success even after graduation. This is a top priority for our education consultancy.

Q5: What is your view of the partnership with Study Group?

We have been partnership with Study Group more than 15 years, a very resourceful and reliable partner. Look forward to collaborating in various aspects on achieving greater synergy.

Manoj Shetty, Chief Revenue Officer at Study Group comments:

“We are delighted to work with Global Education Technology to recruit international students to study our pathway programmes at universities in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

"They are an agency that is completely focused on quality, diversity and innovation: ensuring that international students are matched to university programmes, which met their academic credentials and study goals.

"We very much look forward to continuing to collaborate with Global Education Technology in the future.”

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