An interview with Study Group partner SA  Algerie

12 August 2021
Posted by Study Group

An interview with Study Group partner SA  Algerie

Study Group recently launched a new blog spotlight series, focused on sharing best practices in international student recruitment. As part of this series, we are delighted to publish an interview with Ilyes Saidane, Founder and CEO of SA Algerie. SA Algerie is a Study Group Agent Premier Club Winner.

Q1. How do you feel about winning an Agent Premier Club award?

We are very pleased to achieve a Study Group Agent Premier Club award. It was amazing to hear SA Algerie’s name announced as a winner at the event earlier this year.

Q2. Could you share what the past year has been like in terms of international student recruitment - highlighting challenges and how you managed to turn things around?  

The past year was the hardest year as we have seen many changes in the COVID-19 situation globally. Due to the pandemic, we experienced challenges in marketing, sales and operations, with naturally many questions from students and their parents about the situation and move to online studying. However, with the support of Study Group, we managed to stay updated and keep our students informed and supported until they made it to their study programme online from home or blended in their chosen destination.

Q3. What is your view on the future of education?

During the pandemic, I realised the importance of education more than ever. It was brilliant to be able to work with Study Group to offer students the option to start their studies online from home so that they didn’t need to delay their pathway education.

However, we still feel that face-to-face teaching and cultural immersion is an important aspect of the student experience and therefore think that the future of education lies in more flexible and blended education delivery. That way, students will experience the best of learning online and on-campus, supporting them to successfully meet their higher education progression and career goals.

Q4. What is your view of the partnership with Study Group?

At SA Algerie, we aim to be an academic partner for our students, helping them to explore the opportunities and higher education solutions available to them. We work closely with students to understand their academic profile and higher education objectives and then create a shortlist to gradually match the student with the right Higher Education Institution, which meets their requirements and ambitions.

We feel our aims as an organisation and student-first focus perfectly align with Study Group. Our relationship with Study Group is solid and improving year after year and we are proud to consider Study Group as a premium partner for their engagement and continuous support.

As Manoj Shetty, Chief Revenue Officer at Study Group comments:

“We are extremely pleased to partner with SA Algerie as they are a great example of an organisation that puts the needs of students first, to make sure they can reach the study abroad and career opportunities they aspire to.

“Study Group is very happy to acknowledge SA Algerie’s achievements as a top-performing international student recruitment agency and we look forward to continuing to work closely with SA Algerie in the future.”

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