Study Group reimagines the customer experience with other innovative leading organisations

13 August 2021
Posted by Study Group

Study Group reimagines the customer experience with other innovative leading organisations

Study Group’s Global Director of Product Strategy Kelly Lickley, joined representatives from other innovative organisations, including HSBC, Renault Group, Oxford Global Resources and Five9, a global software company, to discuss reimagining the customer experience.

Hosted by the Technology Leaders Club, the discussion focused on the diverse ways technology can support companies to deliver a better all-round customer experience – specifically:

  • How technology led solutions have become the front door of the business.
  • How CX/UX leaders can add value to every customer touchpoint.
  • Why technology is now a mandate to digitally transform customer experiences.

Kelly Lickley shares her perspective:

“It was great to connect with business leaders from across many industries. We shared best practices around using technology to innovate and transform the customer experience and from a Study Group perspective, the student journey, to meet the evolving needs of consumers.

“The discussion around how quickly technology is evolving also raised the question of what the jobs of the future will look like and how important it is to equip young people with the digital skills and personal and social capabilities to succeed in a 21st Century workplace.”

Study Group has already made great strides forward in digital innovation to enhance the student journey, by developing a portfolio of online Study Skills and Academic English programmes. These courses have raised student attainment and enabled teachers to develop new skills in effective digital learning.

Study Group also acquired insendi last year, a learning experience platform, which delivers transformative, experiential, intuitive and accessible online learning experiences for students with the best, most pedagogically powerful digital tools available, in partnership with leading universities globally, including Johns Hopkins in the US and ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

Kelly Lickley adds:

“During the session, it was interesting to debate how AI-powered platforms have enabled businesses to push boundaries and meet customer needs like never before.

“However, the key learning point for me from a Study Group perspective is that using modern technologies to enhance the student experience is important, but we must do that at the right times in their journey, and in an integrated and personalised way, so that we don’t lose the human touch at crucial times in their education experience.”

A summary of the discussion is available to watch online here.

The full discussion is available to watch online here.

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