Study Group students share their exam preparation and revision tips

10 June 2021
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Study Group students share their exam preparation and revision tips

With the major exam period upon us, it is always a busy time of year for students at the best of times.

As Dr Mark Cunnington, Chief Operating Officer for the UK and EU at Study Group comments:

“The global pandemic has not only impacted how students’ study, but also how they are assessed, with a number of different approaches being adopted, such as 24-hour open book exams and online timed tests that are akin to traditional exams.

“As a result of the range of different assessment formats, students have had to adjust their approach to revision to give themselves the best chance of success to progress to their chosen university.

“At Study Group, we have worked hard to support students to achieve their full potential, with focused revision and exam preparation classes and one to one tutoring.

“We are delighted that several of our student ambassadors have also written blogs to share their exam preparation and revision tips to provide additional assistance to their peers.”

Laura from China – The University of Sheffield International College

Laura from China, who is studying the International Foundation Year in Business, Social Sciences and Humanities, shares which computer programmes and software she found the most useful whilst preparing for assessments.

Read Laura's blog here

Tricia from Singapore – Cardiff University International Study Centre

One of our students from Singapore has shared her best revision tips and insights to help her peers get through the exam season.

Read Tricia’s blog here  

Ryanne from America – University of Surrey International Study Centre   

Ryanne, an International Foundation Year student from America, shares her approach to taking a range of university exams during lockdown.   

Read Ryanne’s blog here   

Maria from Colombia – Holland International Study Centre   

Maria from Colombia shares her helpful advice for revising and preparing for upcoming exams. Tips include how she distributes her schedule from the beginning of term to allow sufficient time to cover all the course content for end of year assessments.   

Read Maria’s blog here 

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