Study Group students successfully progress to global higher education

24 September 2021
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Study Group students successfully progress to global higher education

In the face of an extraordinary 18 months for international education, Study Group has continued to prepare talented students for global higher education resulting in outstanding progression rates in the 2020/2021 academic year. We have achieved this by delivering digital and blended learning programs with our university partners.

Study Group progression rates are based on the proportion of students completing their pathway programme and being offered a place at their ‘host’ university. This means that if a student studies at, for example, the University of Sussex International Study Centre, then we only count students awarded an unconditional offer to study at the University of Sussex as progression success. Students that do not achieve the required grades or choose to study at an alternative university, will be reflected as non-progression, even though we provide them with all of the support they need to get the very best from their results. 

This approach is unique for a pathway provider as we recognise that each university we work with is unique and therefore each curriculum is developed in close collaboration with our university partners to give students the best preparation to succeed at that particular university.
Progression result highlights include:

UK and Europe

  • 85% progression to our prestigious Russell Group university partners.
  • 95% progression to our Scottish university partners.
  • 92% progression to our European university partners.
  • Other exceptional results include:
    • 97% progression to the University of Surrey
    • 92% progression to the University of Sussex
    • 90% progression to Royal Holloway University London


  • 90% progression rate across all our US partners, including:
    • 100% progression to Texas A&M University - Corpus Christ
    • 96% progression to James Madison University
    • 91% progression to University of Hartford

Australia and New Zealand

  • ANU College: 100%
  • Taylors College Sydney (University of Sydney Preparation Programs): 96%
  • The University of Auckland College: 89%
  • University of Waikato College: 92%

Kai Hao, who successfully progressed from the University College Dublin International Study Centre to study a BSc in Business at University College Dublin, shares his thoughts:

“My foundation program at Study Group’s University College Dublin International Study Centre taught me a lot about the subject of business, like culture, strategy and management. Not only was the business class a big help for me, but the Economics class was also very helpful and taught me some useful theories like SWOT and PEST analysis.

"With the international business knowledge from my foundation course, I feel ready for my degree program at University College Dublin. Being an international student in Ireland is very enjoyable for me because of the great university support, friendly people and beautiful countryside.”

Keyu successfully completed the Global Gateway Program (GGP) at DePaul University and graduated with Master of Finance degree from DePaul in 2021. She explains how the GGP impacted her student journey:

“Students in the GGP come from all over the world. In the process of communicating and discussing with them, I heard a lot of viewpoints that were completely different from mine, which made me more tolerant and helped me to look at problems from different angles. This sense of openness and tolerance allowed me to quickly adapt to the environment in my major courses, and I learned a lot from different views and perspectives.

“The teachers of the GGP encouraged students to ask questions and answered every question seriously, and due to this encouragement, I gradually dared to ask questions and tried to think deeply about the subject. These changes benefit me a lot because I now have a deeper understanding of my subject.”

Louisa is currently studying the University of Sydney Foundation Program online at home in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a stand-out student, she has been selected as a Student Ambassador for Taylors College Sydney.

“I started my course online and I can say that my teachers have been really supportive, and they help me with everything I need. Other than that, I’ve also met some new friends from other countries and they’re all very amazing and kind.

“If you start your program now, you can finish everything sooner. Based on my experience, studying online is not a bad thing, because you can be more flexible with your time, and you can still receive a good quality education” Watch this video to learn more about Louisa’s student journey.

Dr Mark Cunnington, Chief Operating Officer for the UK and Europe at Study Group comments:

“Our excellent progression rates across the world show our high-quality and robust recruitment and teaching model and our ability to effectively pivot to online course delivery quickly when the pandemic struck.

“Last year, Study Group acquired the leading-edge EdTech company insendi and our international education experts were able to create distinctive, innovative and intuitive learning programs for digital delivery on the insendi digital platform at pace.

“As a result, we were able to respond to the changing needs of students and university partners appropriately by creating newly enhanced, blended and virtual courses of higher education preparation, study skills and academic English preparation. Thank you to everyone involved in supporting our students’ success.”

Alex Chevrolle, Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand at Study Group adds:

“Study Group has also worked hard to be an active co-creator, with conversations and feedback sessions with students and university partners leading to unexpected innovation, such as a Shanghai-based study hub for students progressing to the University of Sydney in partnership with the Shanghai Institute of Technology.

“All of these initiatives combined have resulted in fantastic student progression to higher education rates across the board."

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