Study Group supports students to Start Smart with our proven introductory program

08 July 2021
Posted by Study Group

Study Group supports students to Start Smart, with our proven introductory program

As international students prepare to begin their university journeys in the US this fall, Study Group will continue to offer our Start Smart introductory course to help ensure they are confident, comfortable, and connected when their first term begins. 

Joshua Rubin, Study Group’s Executive Vice-President for Higher Education in North America explains:

“Start Smart is a free, one-week course tailored to each US University Study Group works with, which provides our International Study Center (ISC) students with early exposure to their university education and experience by giving them the opportunity to: 

Learn and gain hands-on experience in the university’s learning management system. 
Meet and interact with staff, faculty, and other students. 
Access authentic modules, tasks, and class work. 

“Start Smart courses use a blended model – combining interactive sessions with the flexibility to participate at students’ convenience.  

“By participating in Start Smart, students have a chance to become familiar with their university systems and platforms, gain a clear idea of what to expect in their courses, learn about campus life and culture, and integrate into the community before they start.”

Proven results

Since Study Group launched this program last year:

  • 100% of participating students would recommend Start Smart to their friends.
  • 100% of participating students know more about the university they will be attending because of Start Smart.
  • 83% of participating students are more confident about their university course after attending Start Smart.
  • 90% of participating students in Fall 2020 went on to enroll and successfully begin their courses. 

One student shared:

“Start Smart taught me how to use the email system and Canvas, and I can meet my teacher and my friends in this class, so it is a good experience. In this class, I can enjoy the university experience before the formal class.” 
Study Group’s next Start Smart session will begin on 26 July for ISC students preparing to enter the fall intake at these universities: 

  • Baylor University 
  • DePaul University 
  • James Madison University 
  • Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi 
  • University of Hartford 
  • Western Washington University

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